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What does your company really need: to redesign its Intranet or to change how people deal with information? To introduce social collaboration or the change how people work together? To distill knowledge into wikis and databases or to create a culture of knowledge sharing and transparency?

While not mutually exclusive, most projects focus on the first half of the equation so heavily, that they forget the second, much more relevant half.

This is where we come in: we take the focus off from technology and “the solution” and put it on the problems your organization needs to solve. And on the change in behavior that is needed in order for any serious digital initiative to succeed.

Your Partner for Digital * Work * Design

We, Schillerwein Net Consulting, based in Switzerland, position ourselves as expert consultants and advisors for Digital * Work * Design. When starting out back in 2006, our focus was already on the business value that can be created by properly applying digital technologies. “Creating high-value Intranets” used to be our slogan back then.

While the instruments come under a variety of different names now – Social Intranets, Digital Workplace, Collaboration, Enterprise 2.0 etc. – we still focus on enabling better work practices by helping our clients approach their projects by first looking at the “why?” (strategy, challenges, business outcomes) and not the “what?” (technology, features, etc.).
Doesn’t sound like too great a difference? Well, it’s actually the one that makes all the difference.

As a company we are …
… small by design …
… independent by choice …
… and most flexible by making use of our large international network of partners.

Your contact: Stephan Schillerwein

Stephan Schillerwein is an internationally renowned Intranet expert with a track record in Knowledge Management and Digital Media of more than 15 years. He has helped 50+ organisations of all industry sectors and sizes in over a hundred projects improving work practises and increasing knowledge worker productivity on the basis of smart use of Intranets, Social Collaboration and Digital Workplaces. As an Intranet and Online Manager in several large companies for many years, his experience goes much further than “just consulting”, though.
Stephan is a regular publisher and conference speaker, he has contributed to four books and given seminars to a couple of hundred companies.

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